Poem A Day November

Yesterday I unfollowed like 400 people on Twitter. If you were one of them, sorry. It’s not personal, we just don’t have much in common anymore. I unfollowed tech influencers, marketing agencies and apps, and anyone who I didn’t recognize having either an interaction with, or an interesting opinion worth scanning past.

This is not a post about Twitter though. It’s a post about what happens when you clear clutter. Because once my feed was free from content marketers and SEO professionals screaming loudly about best practices, I saw writers and artists talking to each other. I saw faces I recognized (or knew in person) having meaningful conversations. And I also saw I was late to the annual writing party that happens in November.

I’m not a novelist, Jamie Morris. NaNoWriMo holds little appeal to me, except that I’ve met some rad folks at local meetups over the years. I am, however, a lover of poetry, and every year Robert Lee Brewer at Writers Digest posts a month’s worth of prompts on the Poetic Asides blog.

I like these prompts because they are the opposite of pretentious poetry prompts (and I say that with nothing but absolute love for pretentious poetry prompts).

Yesterday’s prompt was a two-for (because it’s Tuesday, of course). A “lost” poem, and a “found” poem.

Mine’s up there ☝🏻

I’m posting them on Instagram, if you want to follow along. I hope you will, and maybe take a stab at writing one or two.

What might you (re)discover if you made some space?


Melissa Jo Hill

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Melissa Jo Hill is a writer, thinker, mystic, and mom in Upstate New York. She writes field guides to the internet.

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