My name is Mel. I’m an archer, writer, and yogi. I offer you my arrows, my words, and an enthusiastic down dog or two.

I live in Upstate New York, in an intentional community with my little weird, modern, ever-shifting bio and chosen family. I have a BA in English from Indiana University. I have earned several certificates from Cornell University, including project management and UX design. I am a USA Archery Level 3 NTS Coach and Level 2 instructor trainer, and a RYT200 yoga teacher. During my obligatory weekly 40, I am a strategic communication specialist at Cornell University, where I also teach archery and advanced archery as part of the Physical Education program.

I spend a lot of my free time right now thinking about bows and arrows. I grew up around archery, but didn’t take to it until a few years ago when I started training at Ithaca Archery with Coach Charles Rendleman. I have ambitious archery goals, and plans to document my progress here on this site.

I also enjoy spending time with my dogs and kids (in that order, usually 🙄), camping and hiking in Upstate New York, reading and watching a little television when I can – mostly comfort shows I’ve seen many times over. Star Trek and Supernatural are favorites.

I teach classes occasionally. You’re invited to join! Else, feel free to subscribe to my journal. If you find my posts useful or compelling, consider supporting the site. Contributions will fund coaching and range time. 🤗